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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Trey Standifer
Today I looked at several photos sent to us by relatives.  Trey’s photo was enclosed in his high school graduation announcement. The other is of Matt as he was headed to a dance with his best friends.  They were celebrating graduating from the eighth grade.  It is a wonderful thing to be reminded that though I sometimes get cornered into thinking this is a tired old world, new generations filed with hope and promise are invigorating the planet.  Do I envy them their youth?  Not at all.  But their youth does bring back fond memories.  I wish them well, and sincerely hope that they meet with success and happiness.  I know only too well that the tapestry of life is not without imperfections.  But most things worthwhile do not require perfection, only doing our best as God gives us light at the time to see it.  I would rather new generations follow their divine leadings and land somewhere short of traveling a perfectly straight path than perfectly fulfilling a conceptual goal not true to themselves.  Heaven makes a way for earnest and truthful players, this I adamantly believe. 

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