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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saying Yes Saying No

USF St Pete Campus
An interesting aspect of individual choice is that in order to say ‘Yes” to a few things, we must say “No” to many things.  One of the reasons I have a sympathetic feeling when I pass by the University of South Florida Saint Pete campus is the realization that nearly every student finds themselves in this predicament.  In order to say “Yes” to one career, they must say “No” to all the others—and they must do so at a young age while lacking much of the experience that would make the decision easier.  The decision often comes down to what do you most enjoy?  Hopefully, if one likes a certain curriculum then one is well suited for it.  I pity the person who hates what they are doing now but dreams they will be happy eventually when finally entering the field professionally.  Often the present is dismissed as largely irrelevant to the eventual job requirements.  The university experience almost by definition is meant to be a broadening experience that studies context and background in addition to more narrowly defined practices.  This is done on the faith that perception can be blinded by too narrow a focus. There is an attempt to hold in abeyance the ignorance of hasty conclusions; this all done within a job market that requires early commitment.  The university experience is thus characterized by deep crosscurrents. 

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