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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life Is a Gift Card

This week I printed barcodes on the backs of gift cards for the City golf courses.  The front sides of the plastic cards (the size of a credit card) are printed by the manufacturer and have a colored background and the logos of the City’s three golf courses.  There are several editions of the cards—a happy holiday edition, a merchandise only edition, and standard edition.  The standard edition allows the purchase of merchandise and rounds of golf.  The merchandise only card is restricted to the purchase of merchandise, and the holiday card is used at Christmastime for the special purpose of holiday gift giving—this card like the standard edition allows the purchase of merchandise and rounds of golf.  None of the cards can be redeemed for cash.

In my view life is much like a gift card.  There is a standard edition that comes with few restrictions.  We are encouraged to range freely and strive without limits for happiness and fulfillment.  The more limited edition reminds of us that not all is possible.  We have limitations built in as does the universe itself; there are laws to conform to physically and behaviorally.  Finally there is a Christmas gift card that invites us to be generous with our resources and to spread hope and joy to others.  When receiving gifts, we are reminded that we are the constant recipient of many gifts and blessings. Finally redemption cannot be made in cash—in the exact manner obtained.  We are required to transform the gift with the stamp of our own personality.  We cannot go backwards to common tender, but are forced to buy something thoughtful and unique to which we may not otherwise have treated ourselves.  Cherish your gift cards, they are precious.  The establishment is not responsible for cards lost or stolen.   

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