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Friday, May 20, 2011

Memorable Sermon

Today I heard for the first time this memorable 2 minute excerpt from a sermon (The Grace Factor) by Pastor RA Vernon from Cleveland.  I would like to share it with you.  I think you will agree it gets to one of the central messages of Christianity.  I would like to thank Jeff Boreman for making me aware of this video.

Text of sermon excerpt:

Since we have been forgiven, what should be our corresponding action?  I’m glad you asked.  We should forgive and extend grace to everybody else.  No wonder Matthew says, “and when you start praying if you hold anything against anyone forgive him so your father in heaven may forgive your sins for if you do not forgive, neither will your father who’s in heaven forgive your transgressions. “  As a Christian you’ve got to forgive.  Now that said, and please don’t get offended, the new F-word in “The Word” church is forgive.  I’m going to say it again:  the new F-word in this church is forgive; now that said, do me a favor, touch your neighbor and say F-you.  God I wish I had, God I wish I had 25 people that say I forgive you for whatever you said about me.  Not just your neighbor look down your whole row saying F-y’all too.  Go ahead and tell em.  You know y’all looking at me crazy.  Would you do me a favor?  Take your phone out, text all your x’s and say I’m at church F-you—forgive you for lying on me and talking about me.  Pastor, my mama don’t like you, well F your mama.  My family don’t like you, F your family too.  You know what,  jump on your feet, snap your fingers, say F everybody in here.  God I wish I had 5 people that would jump on your feet, and high-five six people and say F-you, go ahead and tell em F-you, go ahead.  High-five somebody else,  say F-you, ya F-you, ya F-you, F all ya’all.  F-you.  God I wish I had somebody that would have a little church with me, and thank God that he forgave you for all your sins, and now you can forgive everybody else.   

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