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Friday, November 2, 2018

I Pray that This Blog Will Ring a Bell in the Hearts and Minds of Many

After years of experience the Russians knew that Donald Trump cared not a whit for the mere sentimentality of our Constitution together with Amendments.  If 1/10 of anything about it was being taken seriously by Americans, how could wealth distribution be so egregiously off the mark?  No, it is very clear that America lusts after two false gods—money and power.  Trump is Exhibit One.  It’s all about Money.  Money and power is what the Donald is all about.  It never mattered to his supporters how he got rich.  Facts, truth, fair play, all carry no weight whatever.

Let's not get too fixated on Trump and now exam ourselves.  Have we asked in singing Amazing Grace if there is any evidence whatever when shedding our alligator tears and weeping “I was blind, but now I see” any evidence whatever of live brain cells in the insight region?

In the wee hours of this morning I sat in the Steak and Shake near USF in Tampa.  (On leaving St Pete for Tampa, I had prayed to God to lead my steps...having no notion whatever about today's blog. ) The waitress soon appeared with a glass of water.  (Brace yourself—I ordered a salad—a fried chicken salad.)  Eventually we shared a few brief conversations.  I mentioned that with the university so near I guess she had students using the cheerful, well-lit restaurant to study late. She said "no."  When students come in late at night they have been drinking. (Steak and Shake does not sell alcohol.) She said she didn’t know how they could study in that shape and wondered what their parents paying the big education bucks would say. I mentioned that this very evening my wife is in special care--suffering from a brief addiction to wine way back in the 90's. She shared that one of her close family members is suffering sclerosis of the liver.

Alcohol is now awash in our nation under constant floods of lying propaganda showing pretty pictures and NEVER even one aspects of its multiple ugly nightmares of destruction.  Most people don’t "go there " and point to the rage elephant in the room for they know it is useless to do so in a nation prostrate before for false gods of money and power.

(Can there be objective studies to test the hypothesis that the effects of alcohol are muli-generational and especially manifested in the phenomenon in which one looses the power to discern negatives while the power of identity floods perception?)

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