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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Am I A Pedophile?

The closer the day approaches in which my candidacy becomes more widely known, the more urgent it is for me to address what will surely prove to be a tag-along smear.  I moved into Saint Petersburg in 1975 and almost at once neighborhood children adopted me—most especially young boys who not infrequently would join me inside my apartment or home.  Associations often began when children were still in diapers and extends even though today (just this evening I had dinner with three grandchildren (teenagers of both sexes) at Olive Garden. 

It is my set opinion that St Pete Police have files on me and their profile probably indicates me a candidate for seeking to perform oral sex.  Indeed, as careers can depend upon convictions, over-eager officers could have sought to suborn testimony.  It is my conviction that even today the police are privy to inside intelligence.

Their profile would indicate possible oral sex because I am the type of adult who would seek to lift-up and affirm equality and esteem rather than to seek brute sodomy domination. (Sodomy being the ultimate power grab that would seek to replace the sovereignty even of God.)

(For example on the international scene, a hostile power would seek to blackmail an Autocratic leader through having compromising tapes of him sodomizing a stand-in for his most hated rival. The last thing strong men would want is for their worshipers to see them having sex with a man –Womanizing falls into the category “boys will be boys” and even adds a shade of fake virility )

Take heart my friends, my family well-knows each other and me. Those who hate me will never find a single parent that for a single moment has felt dubious about my character. (I must warn non-believers to once again beware of the eye atop the pyramid seal. on US currency. "Big Boy" power doesn't begin to know what real power is all about.)

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