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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Getting It Straight

In my discussion yesterday, I left a little loophole that many of you took advantage of and flew off into a wild world of fantasy.  When you reach my age, it’s almost a compliment to be viewed as a libertine.  So let me say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Ever wonder why we don’t need a “policeman—citizen” ratio of one-on-one?  Some people automatically respond that it’s the fear that we might get caught.  That’s at least what we think motivates others less righteous than we.  Then, on the other hand, maybe it’s because of an ideology of virtue which we righteously maintain by mustering our moral strength.  So,to refer back to yesterday’s subject of pedophilia, the reason I did not yield to the urge to go for a spin in one of those new compelling fresh from the factory sport’s cars is due to high moral fortitude.

May I ask if that is also the reason why, for example, most of us feel compelled to straighten a crooked picture frame upon the wall.  I ask us here to think digitally.  Is it high moral principal or perhaps instead a perceived lack of mathematical equilibrium in a given circuit of the brain?

I think you know enough about me to know I am no goody two-shoes in sexual matters.  So how is it that a libertine at heart stayed on the straight-and-narrow when surrounded in intimate, private environs by the very bodies he wished he could exchange for his if only for an hour?  Let’s go back to the tilted picture—in this case power equilibrium in sexual relation circuits.

Anyone who acknowledged that my purpose with the boys was to affirm them and enhance self-esteem (what by profiling would indicate preference to perform oral sex) should realize it is mathematically impossible for me to go there by the laws of contradiction.    As an adult mentor among minors, I inherently operate as an authority power.  Therefore, to play priest proposing sex with an altar boy inherently makes ANYTHING I DO INHERENTLY SODOMY.  If I demand oral sex, the authoritative demand and deed that follows is an act of domination (sodomy).

My belief is that much will become obvious to us when we honestly study our own sexual behavior (and with defenses down) among others.— It is what it is……just deal with it.

(If anyone should see a little bird called General J, please tell him I miss him and have some canary seed just for him.)

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