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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What Helps Raise Your Spirits?

What helps raise your spirits when you are down?
  • singing
  • praying
  • ice cream
  • eating
  • talking to a friend
  • exercising
  • going to church
  • getting out of the house
  • other___________
  • (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition page 1547).

This changes from time to time, but of late I get the greatest kick out of going to Walmart in the wee hours of morning with my romantic interest Connie. (I have a knack for choosing romantic places.) When we arrive there are very few customers, but many employees stocking shelves. Since at that hour there is an abundance of electric shopping carts, we each get one and ride out into a world of fantastic abundance from food to electronics to toiletries to books to hardware to housewares to clothing to automotive. The employees are unfailingly helpful and kind, always stopping to assist if we should need it. I have come to think they feel enjoyment out of seeing the end purpose (serving customers) for all the shelf stocking they do.  They soon come to recognize us, and we always exchange cheerful greetings during our trips. There have been many times that I have seen items on the shelf not knowing that someday I would have a need for it – some unique product I had never thought of. But as it turns, months later I need it and head for Walmart. There are also those inexpensive impulse buys that greatly enrich my daily life.  One was not so cheap–a $166 combo 32" TV/Computer monitor.  I have now become fully accustomed to a larger screen. When I look at a normal size computer monitor, I squint.  It impresses me the sheer strategic and tactical challenges that exist to fully stock a Super Walmart store.  Actually when you come to think of it, there are less romantic spots to visit than a veritable fountain of abundance.

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