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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Getting Trumped

What “enemies” (people or things which keep you from doing God’s work) do you face in your everyday life? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 254).

In American politics we now have Donald Trump stumping to be president. While I personally will probably vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries, I enjoy many of the remarks by Mr. Trump. One of my favorite is when he caricatures someone in the opposition as “low-energy.” Mr. Trump has hit my personal barrier to doing God’s will right on the head. And Mr. Trump is quite right, being “low-energy” is a very serious matter. How many times has someone (say a high-ranking government official) been apprised of a possible serious problem only to dismiss it because it would require a good deal of effort to deal with – thus only compounding the eventual difficulties in handling the situation properly? I remember at the turn-of-the-century many of us found ourselves tediously investigating whether or not a thermostat or an elevator would be able to handle Y2K. Between you and me, such assignments were the absolute pits for one was told to investigate and was made accountable for proving the negative. Going through multiple layers of substantiation to prove the more or less obvious was more dead-on energy sapping than I could effervescently perform.

“Low-energy”, “sloth” (a deadly sin), “laziness”, “a type-Z personality" (for zero), and “complacency” are similar glue traps  (and have much in common with my obdurate lethargic tendencies). If I had been asked by Moses to go scout out the promised land, I would have been one those who came back with a thousand reasons why we should do nothing. My prayer even yesterday and today is for God to shake me awake from my more drowsy tendencies.

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