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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jehovah Witnesses as Reductionist


noun often derogatory the practice of analyzing and describing a complex phenomenon in terms of phenomena that are held to represent a simpler or more fundamental level, especially when this is said to provide a sufficient explanation. (New Oxford American Dictionary).

Who has been the toughest person for you to explain your faith to? Why? What have you found to be helpful in dealing with people who ridicule your faith? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1494).

For several years now I have been in discussion regularly with Jehovah Witness pioneers. It is obvious that though I am a Christian Protestant (Methodist), they sincerely doubt my faith. They do so on my reluctance to emphasize several scriptures that they place great value on – especially several passages in Daniel, Revelation, and Genesis. (Likewise, several passages which I  emphasize, they discount.) The pioneers also are absolutists in their belief that the symbol of the cross is pagan – has been, is now, and forever will be. Furthermore, since I believe that established religions in concert with government and business can be redemptive; in their view I fail to comprehend the absolute satanic nature of these institutions – especially the great Babylon, established religion (and that would include my own Methodist persuasion).

I describe Jehovah Witnesses as reductionist because whether or not one is considered a believer or not depends solely on whether one is Jehovah Witness and ascribes to their particular interpretation and translation of Scripture consistently held up within their faith’s own emphasis and  understanding. Now in my view Jehovah Witnesses are believers.  They are Christian in the finest sense that they seek to imitate Christ and be a witness for him and Jehovah. What I find exasperating is they do not grant me the same authenticity in my faith.

Today in our weekly meeting, the subject of the Trinity came up for discussion.  The Jehovah Witness hold that the Trinity is a pagan belief--something of a 3-headed monster.  In my view the greatest use of the concept of the Trinity is in defense against those who assert that Jesus was "just a man" (however "good" or "prophetic" in strictly human terms) and that the Holy Spirit is not really divine power but merely an instance demonstrating that attitude is everything.  The Jehovah Witness strongly refute such humanism and flat-out assert the divine nature of Jesus the Son of God and the Holy Spirit.  In this sense, I could only wish that formal protestant recitation of creeds regarding the Trinity always had behind it the unreserved faith and conviction of the Jehovah Witness . 

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