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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why I Wait Patiently for Christ’s Return

I am patient for Christ’s return for I generally am skeptical about the unadulterated promises of utopias.  Some look back of the Garden of Eden with great nostalgia–not me. There were new babies born this very day.  Do I wish for them the curse of a future without temptations, mistakes, serendipity rebounds from disasters, and the need for concerted effort to overcome seemingly insurmountable and hopeless challenges–do I wish for them the curse of perfect circumstances and a pristine environment in which the tempering stresses of growth are not encountered?  I think most honest folks will consent without reservation to the proposition that limitations, errors in judgment, lack of 20/20 foresight, and imperfect communication are the stuff not of final failure, but of eventual  excellence.  This is not a call to sit on our duffs and wait for perfection.  Quite to the contrary.  We will attain perfection only through the hard work and the hard lessons of imperfection.  This applies to every generation and is the principal source of its challenges, creativity, and accomplishments.

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