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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fizzle, Fizzle, Little Star

Have you ever sung a solo? Is it harder to sing in front of a group of people or speak to them? Why? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 863).

This would be a tremendously interesting question to ask to someone “ambidextrous” in both singing and speaking well. In this sense I will never know the answer to this question because I croak more than sing and the pain on the faces of the listeners is immediate and obvious when I discordantly thrash out a tune. I can get a little sense of this question by imagining the difference between giving a three-minute speech and singing “Row, Row, Row your Boat.”  Assuming sadism has nothing to do with it, I suppose that it would be more fun to sing words already set and familiar to all rather than to give a five-minute speech, especially one on a difficult or obtuse topic.

I once did sing a solo and even played a simple musical instrument that I strummed. It was in 1956 when I was in grammar school. I sang “Silent Night” before an evening Christmas assembly of students and parents. Let’s just say a star was not born that night and, fortunately, I was of the age in which callow imperfection comes across as kind of cute.

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