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Monday, December 7, 2015


When you really get angry, does it show in your face, arms, legs or body? How so? Demonstrate. (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1149).

I morph into an aggressive and assertive individual.  My body tenses and my face scrunches up into a hardened chisel. Rapid-fire vociferousness sprays forth.  This always precedes from a great sense of personal rectitude concurrent with unquestioned judgment as to the perfidy of others.  Seldom will I get truly angry at inert matter.  It almost always involves the perception of gross injustice perpetrated by other humans.

Many express dissatisfaction with Barack Obama’s reaction in the face of terrorism.  This negative assessment is attributed to many factors, but I think the core desire of the masses is to see their president with a chiseled faced scrunched up in outrage and anger. They want a conduit on the national level for their own feelings of outrage--they want a hotheaded president.  President Obama is a cool operator with his eye always on the end game (for example, greater and more direct involvement of Muslim countries in chastening religious extremism).  It is my belief that we are better off with a cool head than a hothead.      

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