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Friday, December 18, 2015

Common Ground

Why is equality among believers important? In what areas is equality most important to you? What does equality imply today: Uniformity? Fairness? “Special case” treatment under the law? What will you do to bring more equality to your work or home situation? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 258).

One of the most powerful concepts in society is the concept of equality. Just the other day I heard a renown professor of Stetson University give a lecture on Constitutional Law. It goes without saying that he and I were nowhere equal in terms of legal savvy. It would be a joke to claim otherwise. On the other hand, Professor Michael Allen was a charming and informal sort of guy who did not take himself too seriously but willingly poked fun at himself now and then during the lecture. In subtext I think he was telling us something very important.  Judgments of law even at the highest levels are made by very human persons who are influenced by predominant opinion, precedents, prejudices, and the time and place of writing (including extant and contemporary resources).  In other words Prof. Allen told us that law interpretation is very much a human enterprise and thus there is a real sense in which our equality as persons on a species level far outstrips differences in specialized knowledge.

This is the heart of political equality.  It underwrites the idea that ballots should be open to all and not the sole privilege of some specialized classes (which, of course, would always include us good old boys but never those ignorant inferior oafs whose opinion is substandard – solid proof of which is they don’t agree with us).

Equality is important among believes because all must subjugate themselves to the Heavenly Father. That is, humility is the sine qua non of belief.

In the workplace the style of supervision can participate in the informality shown by Prof. Allen. The good boss telegraphs to all his subordinates that in all things that really matter apart from unique job responsibilities, he is entirely equal to everyone else and shares human equality with all.

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