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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Usual Case of Limited Knowledge

Which of these gifts would you give your best friend – fame, wealth, or long life? Which would you like most? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 483).

Not expanding on the available gifts beyond those given in the question leaves out some important options. Nevertheless, confining my answer to these three finds much will depend upon the current state of my friend’s circumstances. If he already has wealth or fame, what better thing to wish for than long life? If he is currently greatly stressed for resources, I may well wish for wealth. If he is chronically depressed from a feeling of worthlessness and abject anonymity, I might well wish for him a dose of fame.  If he is typically in good health but presently in the hospital with a life-threatening  illness, long life would be my wish.

Today this will become more than theoretical as I travel to Deland, FL to visit my friend who last week was admitted to the hospital with multiple issues including heart congestion. I must now expand beyond the question and pray for whatever is best for my friend admitting my own towering ignorance as to what that is.  I pray likewise for myself.

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