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Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Daily Plots

What would you say is your guiding principle in decision-making everyday? How can knowing God is with you whenever you make a decision affect your decisions? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 625).

My guiding principle is to do whatever fills the greatest need. A lot rides upon the definition of need at any given time – which of course can change constantly. Perhaps the question I really ask is: 1) given my needs and that of others and 2) given a tenable scope for action, with these in mind (and heart)...what should I do right now? Sometimes, like yesterday, this can mean watching a movie (Evan Almighty) and at other times, like today, it can mean taking people to the doctor and participating in discussion groups.  Actions can have special symbolic significance that require careful prioritization of when to act (or not to act).

Life often takes on the quality of music so has a flow that is uninterrupted by plodding thought.  That is to say, though a formulaic mapping of decision-making is possible, it is often discerned after the fact (if at all) and not during the process of decision-making itself which tends to be considerably more natural and organic. Thus one’s basic religious commitments (as well as assumptions and prejudices) are important to the extent that they elicit reflexive action.

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