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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Natural Thing to Do

Many modern governments still use the tactics of assassination, cruel and inhumane punishment and sentencing without trial. This does not support the notion that modern society has improved in the past few centuries. In what what sense can it be said mankind is making progress in human rights? In what sense are we no further advanced than the ancients Israelites? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 482).

Mankind is hugely affected by environment–this is common knowledge.  Do any of us dare for a moment to say that under no circumstances would we lie, cheat, or steal?  I know myself only too well...I could never say that. So the task becomes to control the environment under which we live.  Now the recent killings in France show that controlling one’s environment totally is impossible.  We must be forever diligent and do the best we can.

The United States has the Bill of Rights but with facility engaged in inhumane punishment and sentencing without trial when faced with terrorism.  We were not going to stand by and be goody two-shoes while international terrorists were picking us off like flies.  In the end, we must expand the structure of peace founded upon human rights.  The United Nations represents a symbolic attempt to do this. Symbols in the end cannot substitute for solid structure enforced by the police power of government.  Concurrent with every world war we profess to be interested in such a structure, but end up only with the symbol–much as if the US Bill of Rights were professed in words only but were not backed up by the sword of the state.  Would we not then be excused for our cynicism? War may not drive us to internationalism, but everyday facts surely will.

Nation states are anachronisms formed before international travel and communication, resources, and a sense of equality were widely shared.  With greater translation ease, even language is a shrinking barrier; mainline religions are converging on a common core of values. When the brotherhood of man becomes more fact than lofty goal, international structures will coalesce with dispatch. It’s the natural thing to do as can be seen by the once appropriate accretion of nation states.  Surely the current cynicism by US citizens regarding the government in the United States is one indication that in many ways nationalism is now inherently ineffectual. Structures must be created in which responsibilities can be realistically assigned and results realistically evaluated.

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