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Monday, November 16, 2015

Does Size Matter?

Do you tend to despair over what is? Accept what is? Or pray for what should be? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 665).

Few would argue that the size of the human brain matters.  The billions of cells and circuits surely matter, surely are necessary for human intelligence as we know it.  A bird brain (given the nature of biophysics) simply is not large enough to contemplate the theory of relativity.  So size matters.  Yet, we can also say that size is largely secondary.  A cabbage is the size of the human brain, but lacks the structures and processes necessary for abstract thought (so far as I know).

Now many argue that the size of government as a regulative entity is too big.  I would argue that it needs to be big, yet it is not size that largely determines whether I like it or not.  It is not size, but tenor that largely matters to me. How does government shape-up under to the following questions? 
  • Does it have a tenor of arrogance rather than service?
  • Does it seek to usurp the legitimate power of other societal elements through micromanagement?
  • Does it cultivate psychosis among its power-wielding actors? (Let's assume this is a bad thing.)
  • Does it accept and perform its duties and responsibilities?
  • Does it worship conformity and the status quo at the expense of creativity and innovation?
  • Does it talk too much and listen too little?
  • Does it believe in itself--that it has a worthy and necessary role to play?
  • Does it accept the legitimacy and limitations of all God-ordained social institutions, including itself?
Let us rejoice that government can help order and nurture the human family wherever government is resourced to the necessary size and constituted by the necessary tenor.  

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