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Thursday, November 27, 2014

With Thanks for A (Very) Special Person

I have a best friend of many years; now he's 36 years old. He scored more than 2 standard deviations below the mean on the Wechsler scale--an official determination of the intellectually disabled.  Once some years ago there was a social function sponsored by a fellow church member.  When I mentioned that I noticed my friend was not present, the reason given for the non-invite was it was thought he would be too disruptive.

Last week I asked family members if my friend could attend our family Thanksgiving feast.  The response was a strong positive.  My friend wanted to make a first class contribution to the meal.  I bought chuck roast and all the trimmings to prepare in my slow cooker.  At my house he chopped and diced all the vegetables adding seasoning and red wine to the roast.  After we got the ingredients cooking at my house, he wanted to go to his house and prepare the same thing in his cooker.  On the way to his house we stopped by the grocery store and he purchased about $40 of meat and vegetables--a considerable sum as he obtains an income from two jobs washing dishes.  Today early we headed out to the family gathering--about a 2 hour drive.

Though everyone there was nice to my friend, I could not help but remember the time he was not invited to a function for being too disruptive.  Despite the flawless kindness shown, it was apparent that some found him irritatingly disruptive.  My friend, you must understand, represents the epitome of positive enthusiasm (as well as uncompromising authenticity).

After the meal and cleanup chores, my friend and I decided to walk the grounds--just the two of us.  On our commencing the walk, my friend casually said, "I hope Jesus had a happy Thanksgiving."  I immediately wondered to myself how many in this land of plenty expressed the same thought today--would it take all ten fingers to make the count?  We eventually came to the empty chapel and together knelt down at the alter.  I prayed first thanking the Lord for family and friends.  Then my friend prayed-- asking blessings on all those hungry and in need.

I determined on the spot if for any cause I'm asked to sell out my friend; I will reply without hesitation--"You can take this cause and #!!# shove it!"  

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