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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fine Sounding Arguments

Paul contrasts clever speech and true wisdom.... What "fine sounding arguments" hinder you in following Jesus?… (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1639).

Clever speech always counsels selfishness. Wisdom always counsels generosity. Clever speech relies on a very old and ancient argument  – "It's fine in theory, but it just won't work in practice" and one closely allied with it – "Those seemingly acting from generosity are in fact selfish; they are full of ulterior motives."

There is no way to answer those arguments other than putting your life on the line and working for Jesus. Cynics center their clever arguments on the short-run and deliver Pyrrhic victories. Those who follow Jesus and wisdom's way always place greater emphasis on the long-run. Validation for wisdom's way is found in child-rearing.  The cheapest, most efficient, most convenient way is never the most effective way.  By choosing to eliminate inconvenience, even infanticide has become commonplace.  This obviously is not the better way, the way of love and hope opening into a viable future.

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