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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Compelling Evaluation

How does Christ affirm your worth even when others do not? (Serendipity Bible  Fourth Edition,  page 1653).

Christ died for me and thus affirmed the absolute nature of my self-worth.  He died for me under no illusions about my perfection.  He died loving me even though fully aware of my imperfections--imperfections that were at base the very cause of his crucifixion.  This is something like the soldier who dies for his country knowing full well the extent of his country's imperfections, but forgiving her and loving her absolutely anyway.  Such loyalty is compelling.  So, therefore, if someone chooses to paint me with a malicious brush soaked in venom and hatred, can anyone blame me for accepting Christ's evaluation of me over his?  I guess my question in this situation is: "Christ died for me; what have you done for me?"

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