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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Fatal Disability of the Proud

If you "left home without it," what would be the first thing you'd ask someone to send? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1660).

Following quotations from a Moody Radio Proclaim delivery regarding the disabled.  Quotations are from memory so may not be exact:

Nothing can overcome the insult of a gift other than the love of the one who gives it.

Disability teaches us that we are dependant--and learning this gives us the quality of grace.

Far and away the answer to this question is very simple. I would want first and foremost the things that I left behind that now make me in my present circumstances dependent upon others. So if I left behind my credit cards,  that would be the first thing I would ask to be sent.

I hate dependency. I insist on thinking of myself as totally self-reliant. A moment's reflection indicates how flimsy this notion is. Not a single meal goes by that I am not in one way or another dependent upon others. There is not a shred of clothes that I wear that does not testify to my dependency.  Every move that I make about the country on public thoroughfares using public facilities testifies to my dependency. Not a watt of electricity is consumed without dependency; not an ounce of water.  Sometimes we can't help but marvel at why Jesus seemed to gravitate towards the dependent, the afflicted, the disabled. It might well have been because they, at least, embodied the exceptional in realizing the full extent of their dependency, and this led to a grace not duplicated in the more "self-reliant."  Let us pray that our eyes be opened to the full scope of our dependency and thereafter grant us grace.  

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