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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When Facing Death

When facing death, what duty do you want to have fulfilled before God? How can you pursue that course this week? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1558).

I have learned that I cannot be the judge of my success or failures.  What I see as a failure, God might see as a success; and what I see as a shinning success, God might see as a failure.  The final standard for me involves the quest to do the best I can given my earnest searching for the discernment of God's will.  As my daddy said, that is really all any mortal can ask.  I am severely limited by my perception--so what I should do and the extent that I should do it is less than always precise or clear.  I am called to lean upon the leadings of the Spirit and move forward sometimes within a context of vast ambiguity.  Fast forwarding to my day of death, the question to be asked is "Did I maintain integrity given my perception of the righteous course set before me?"  An auxiliary question is "Did I seek to hone my perception to the best of my ability given my understanding of how that should be achieved?"  To the extent that I can answer these questions with positive assurance, I shall remain content.

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