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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Science and Religion Rapprochement

What group is critical of the church today? How might the church provoke this group? What could be done to lesson this animosity?  What can you do to help? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1556).

Let me first explain how in my own mind I have accepted Scripture as inerrant while concurrently accepting the integrity of science regarding the age of the universe and the process of life development. I do this by accepting that although the Bible is not a book of science, it is always spiritually true.  The Bible posits a future (goal) of perfection and happiness.  I know very few individuals who would disagree that this referent faithfully describes the spiritual pursuit of humanity, nor would they deny that for most of us this is a formidable goal--the pursuit of the goal often confounded by the complexities of our own flawed character and nature.  Look at the world this morning and honestly assess the present perfection of mankind while acknowledging that the human heart yearns for peace and happiness--in fact most of the spiritual atrocities we commit are in the name of exalted goals.  Thus, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that paradox lies at the heart of human history--in the name of peace we make war; in the name of good we do evil; in the name of kindness we kill; in the name of happiness we rage.

So the Bible deals with a very hard subject to deal with--the facts of our own lives and hearts and that of exasperating human history.  Now the text of science (when not assailed by the negatives of the human spirit) is quite different.  Today I type this blog using a computer complete with word processor and spelling checker--altogether based on the facts of physics.  It is clean and pristine compared with the shenanigans of what must be called the political nature of man.  Thus, a rapprochement between science and religion must begin with an understanding that science stands ready to assist religion in the painful task of human redemption.  (For example, in the realm of good health.) Certainly, it is a task that can use loving, widespread concerted effort.

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