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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Energizing Lights

How has Christ brought light into your life? How can you pass on that light to someone else this week? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1562).

Purpose acts very much like a light.  You may be in some obscure, dark corner working on excruciating details that are frustrating, involuted, and complex.  A close-up snapshot of you there might suggest that anxiety and depression are appropriate.  But vision of a broader purpose that supports even wider purposes can redeem such moments of confinement in which claustrophobia seems determinant.  For example, I am taking a course at the University of South Florida (St. Petersburg) in the Foundations of Special Education.  Part of this course requires familiarization with enacted laws pertaining to children with special needs.  Obviously, delving into arcane government statutes seems remote from a broadly direct purpose, but actually it is not.  The time dwelling on such particulars can be redeemed by envisioning yourself now freshly enabled more adroitly serving the needs of children in the best way possible--finding yourself one-on-one with a student in a sun-lit classroom opening up doors of opportunity.  Such a redeeming purpose serves even broader eternal Christian purposes by serving God through action.  Therefore the light of purpose energizes everything.

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