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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Upward and Onward

What two phrases sum up your goal for the past year? How does this relate to God's purposes? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1518).

Two phrases sum up my goal for the past year:

  • Retire successfully--without getting fired first.
  • For this new chapter in my life, successfully launch a new stage--transcend the sadness of life's final chapters with joy.

On the first count (not getting fired), though sometimes by the "skin of my teeth" and with the compassion of my boss and manager, I was able to make it happen; though my frankness regarding certain matters made it doubtful on occasions.

Secondly, the retirement stage launched a new reading campaign dealing with joy and creativity.  I read several books allegedly dealing with the anatomy of the mind but in fact touching on very basic spiritual matters.  I am more certain than ever that a God above--the Great Creator--intervenes in all our lives; and much more is going on in human affairs mentally than can be circumferenced by a single brainpan or even a gaggle of them--no matter how self-willed and purblind the brains in question happen to discern their own vaunted capacities.

I go on in complete confidence that God will successfully complete his purpose for my life, and this pleases me greatly.

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