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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sundry Thoughts in the Night


On Willpower

Willpower  is only as reliable as the surrounding structure that houses it.  Does anyone dare surmise that the stability of the American government is the result of the voluntary willpower constraints of a vast array of powerful interests?

The Genesis Account of the Fall as a Watershed Moment

In this account, humanity takes ownership of its imperfections.  Thus, rather than being a source of shame, it represents a major step forward. The exigencies of evolution that implanted negative vestiges were responsibly assumed and would not be exploited as an excuse.  It further represents the ability of humanity to envision perfection.  That is, in the Genesis creation story, not only did humanity take ownership of imperfection, it envisioned the perfection of God and a good old days perfection of childhood innocence. 

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