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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Behold All Eyes Smiled

My Creative Process class includes an assignment to create something during each of the next 32 days (35 in all).  Many years have past since I wrote poems on a regular basis--I was in my 20's when I did so (I'm now 70).  My project will be to write a short poem each day and post it on this blog. I hope you will find them interesting.  To view the video below--Caine's Arcade--is a class assignment.

Behold All Eyes Smiled

Caine put his heart and soul
Into his cardboard box arcade,
He welcomed all to come and play
But few knew or did.

Then a stranger played one day
And determined right then and there
To be Caine's secret friend;
He spread the word on the sly
By Internet and other silent shouts
Until the interest was keen and high
To make sure Caine would quickly find
His little arcade filled with play and smiles.

His freshly gathered friends paraded
Before Caine's cardboard arcade
And waited in great anticipation to surprise him
On his return from one of love's well-devised diversions;
When Caine showed up.....behold all eyes smiled
Including Caine's....and all his angels too.

It is sad the depths of cruelty to which man can sink
But cruelty's power does not begin to match
--no one can tell us otherwise--
Creative power's wide array
Of hope and love and cheerful play.

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