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Monday, June 23, 2014

Scripture--Inherently Political

My Creative Process class includes an assignment to create something during each of the next 30 days (35 in all).  Many years have past since I wrote poems on a regular basis--I was in my 20's when I did so (I'm now 70).  My project will be to write a short poem each day and post it on this blog. I hope you will find them interesting.

Scripture--Inherently Political

Tipy-Toe about it all you like
The Bible is inherently political:
Look at what it purports--
Truth, justice, compassion,
Honesty, empathy, integrity,
Support for peacemakers,
The meek, the humble, the pure in spirit,
Those persecuted for righteousness sake,
The foreigner, the widow, the stranger in the land--
Every oppressive government espies its own natural enemy
And at once sets about trying to co-opt or censure the forces of Light.

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