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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Power vs Spirit

One of the last discernments granted to a believer is that of power vs spirit. Power is much preferred by the world. Not atypically, those granted promotions in organizations display a passion for power over spirit. This is contrary to the teachings of Christ. For a brief test of how this might relate to you, ask yourself how you would react if in your new car you were sideswiped by an elderly driver and your side-panel significantly damaged. This situation (the other person is at fault) immediately bestows on you a power which you can choose to emphasize over spirit. In this situation would you emerge from you vehicle fuming mad—vindictively so—ready to levy the last ounce of blame on the other driver? Or would you emphasize spirit—one of tolerance, forgiveness, and love? Most people in authority “worth their salt” would immediately emerge from their damaged vehicle laying down the law and propounding their own rights. People of spirit would emerge with compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. Organizations will not flourish at their max until spirit is more pervasive in the structures of power.

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