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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Accountability Means Answerable

My blog yesterday expressed concern over the fact that suppliers of alcohol like suppliers of handguns deeply wish to remain unaccountable (unanswerable) for the havoc caused by their products. Hypocritically they strive to sell us on the idea that their products and our freedoms are inseparable. It is with galling precision that they market their goods with dewy images far removed from, and the precise opposite of, their products true effects. The precision of these obverse messages incessantly overflowing with big lies reveals well their deepest fears—that one day they will awake to find glimmering abroad a new perception of their products—one based on reality rather than fantasy—one that will send them free-falling over a perceptual cliff. Their acceptance all hangs on a thread, and they damn-well know it.

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