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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Duplicity as Camouflage

What is the riskiest thing you have ever done because of your faith in Jesus? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1425).

As animals, humans have inherited a strong tendency towards dressing the truth beneath camouflage. We feel a strong drive to hide the truth, to prevaricate. It's almost as if the more strongly we experience something as real the more the need to pretend it doesn't exist. Prevarication thus becomes not second nature so much as first nature. This is especially true in matters of sex. It is my belief that homosexual dreams and occasional sexual arousal in the presence of beloved animals is not uncommon. But to discuss this with any candor is taboo. It is my belief that Americans have a special responsibility to brainstorm the truth. We, after all, have free speech accompanied by a Christian tradition that holds truth in high regard—not just spiritual truth in elevated abstract terms, but experiential truth in ordinary daily life. Spiritual truth and experiential truth are indivisible and are of the same cloth. Therefore in America we are ethically obliged by integrity to explore the truth in an innovative brainstorming manner in which we say “Yes....and......”** rather than to brutally repress the truth in a drive of camouflage.

Jesus ushered in a new order, and America's free speech was a direct product of it. The animal drive to camouflage the truth runs head-on into ethical demands for integrity and veracity. Will we assume the risks inherent in spiritual and political freedom? Will we set aside camouflage and duplicity and more fully realize our greater legacy—that of simple candor? It is my firm belief that this is our emerging trajectory.

**For an interesting discussion of overcoming psychological saboteurs see Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine. This reference on page 89.

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