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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No Stopping Us Now

What childlike quality do you need to recapture? Why? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1366).

The adult brain weighted down with chronically low lying clouds is severely constrained perceptually. My father once told this story in a Christmas sermon. During the preceding week, he had to visit a doctor’s office. A large, decorated and lighted Christmas tree stood in one corner of the waiting room. Adults sat about absent mindedly thumbing through magazines or staring blankly before them resigned to the usual wait in a doctor’s office. The waiting room entrance door opened and a mother and her little boy stepped in. The boy walked forward then caught a glimpse of the tree and suddenly froze transfixed before it. With wide eyes he exclaimed “Wow!’” When daddy told the story he repeated the exclamation recapturing the utter astonishment and wonderment of the child, “Wow!!” “Wow!!.

Isn’t this what we sorely miss from our childhood? Try to think back upon Christmas morning as a seven year old child. You enter the living room in the early morning with the tree sparkling with tensile, ornaments, and lights, the aroma of pine, and the imminent mystery of wrapped presents laid out before you—some just for you.

Sometimes I think if we adults could just recapture this fresh wonderment and forgo the jaded boredom anesthetizing us, we then could see the multitude of genuine marvels that gift and surround us. With fresh clarity we would be enabled to unwrap hidden mysteries and greatly expand our understanding and knowledge of all things. Imagine having the innocent wonderment of a child coincident with the objective realism of an adult. There would be no stopping us now.

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