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Monday, December 2, 2013

How I Turn People Off

What is one habit or behavior you do which totally annoys others around you? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1356).

What I notice annoys others allows ample room for things that annoy them severely of which I am blissfully ignorant. But despite the fact that I may be blind to what are the real killers (flatulence perhaps?), I have noticed sincere chagrin sometimes to the point of acrimony regarding two things—my continued defense of President Obama through thick and thin and my letting it be known that I think drinking ethyl alcohol in all its forms is harmful and unwise. In the first instance I am subjected to the anathema that disgruntled people eject towards Obama. To the contrary I think Obama is a fine and level-headed dude with sincere concern for the best interest of our nation—including health care and gun control. But even those who abjectly hate Obama find it even more repugnant that I don’t join in the true-blue patriotism inherent in inebriation. Sorry friends, my hatred of alcohol extends to “manly” brews and “exquisitely sophisticated” wines. So when you brag about having a few beers during the game or of sipping the finest vintage at a California vineyard, be on notice that I flat-out question your good judgment. It is thus that even my friends sometimes wish I would just disappear—I add a certain amorphous chill to the room. Hang in there friends, you’re bound to get your wish sooner or later and the idiosyncrasies of Wayne Standifer with him will just fade away.

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