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Friday, December 27, 2013

Avoidable Noise and Interference

I have speculated concerning divine telemetry as that relates to man and other animals. I have also speculated that ethyl alcohol interferes with this telemetry not only immediately but persistently because of permanent structural impairments within the brain. I have further speculated that subtle but profound impact upon human perception project into human actions and that by extension this interference causes widespread social dysfunctions. My purpose here to illustrate the key impact this can have upon human life and happiness. One need only look to the key decisions that occur in human affairs in which divine inspiration is essential. One such decision is the choice of a mate. It is my belief that matches are made in heaven—that literally God intends that couples match according to his plan. The immense importance of reproduction and child rearing as well as the social impact of family within the larger society make this a high priority item for our Heavenly Father. Man is made aware of the correct choice through divine guidance that is reliant upon precise brain functioning. An impaired brain results in bad choices and unhappiness. It thereby influences the larger society and countless details within it. Only by realizing the widespread impact of the institution of the family in human affairs can we begin to appreciate the immense tragedy of alcohol consumption.

Now some will counter that the Son of God’s first miracle (performed at a wedding celebration) was to turn water into wine and that thereby God forever underwrote alcohol consumption. I cannot explain this and respond to it in the only way I can. The question for me is not “What would Jesus do?” but rather “What would Jesus have me do?” The answer to the latter question is absolute and demands total abstinence.

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