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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Transcendent Personhood

Rembrandt: Christ in the Storm
on the Lake of Galilee

As in Jeremiah's time, leaders today usually set a tone for others. What positive tone or atmosphere are you setting in your home, job, school or church? Where might you have a negative impact? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1092).

One of my primary objectives is to cultivate an expression within my own being and within that of others of transcendent personhood. This is what I mean by that. It is observed that when we die, although surrounded by friends and family, there is a sense in which we die alone. This state of existential aloneness can have several negative manifestations during our lives. One of them is "the loner". This term identifies a negative attempt to achieve personhood. It is represented by a tightly bound and tensely self-contained seedpod. It is deeply antisocial in a severely restricted and unproductive sense. The reverse of the loner is the vigilante. This is someone whose seedpod has burst but venom rather than light is disseminated. Transcendent personhood, the alternative representing spiritual freedom, recognizes aloneness but avoids the harmful characteristics illustrated by the loner and the vigilante. Jesus is the prime example of transcendent personhood. Even though Jesus had 12 disciples and many who heard his teachings, there was a sense in which he was alone. The affirmation and love of his heavenly father served to ground him with a calm steadiness and assurance one evidence of which was the serenely sourced Beatitudes. Transcendent personhood always carries with it this tranquility born of assurance. It is a freedom that transcends the confounding social nexus of the world without being antisocial.

As a leader (and I think there is a sense in which each and every one of us are leaders), my primary objective is to augment a tone of healthy and divinely sourced transcendent personhood. While in the matrix of social interactions, I yearn to see existent within myself and others a centered transcendence mastering temporal social stresses. A tableau of this is when Jesus stood to calm the storm upon the Sea of Galilee.

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