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Thursday, February 21, 2013

CAT Scanning Motives

Is criticism hard to take? What makes it easier? When's the last time you gave criticism successfully? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1102).

The importance of these questions is underlined by the fact that wars develop coincident with intensifying levels of criticism. The stark question is: could countless casualties have been avoided had mankind better ways of giving and receiving criticism? We can come to surmise that the true origin of hostilities is often not primarily from underlying property or power issues, but arises with the escalation of criticism itself. Human behavior is deeply positioned to pay an immeasurable price and to undergo major sacrifices in the pursuit of “principle alone”—a major elicitor of which is that of perceiving ill-treatment in the form of criticism.

I don't like any criticism—especially any criticism I perceive as unfair. What gets my goat above all else is when someone attributes ulterior motives or nefarious intangible character traits to me or my friends. Surely there have been people who have garnered great power and influence based upon one characteristic alone—their penchant for pronouncing, with great gravitas, the hidden motives and defective traits of others. An essential requirement for peaceful coexistence is the assiduous avoidance of this practice and concentrating instead on deeds readily perceivable by all.

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