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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Ante Bellum Now: A Speculation

I would like to speculate on what would be the response of a notoriously harsh ante bellum slave master if he were sitting at a table here today. On the opposite side of the table sat two modern-day black men. One of the men was employed as director of a key department in a major city. He earned a six figure salary and was encumbered by heavy responsibilities—one might almost say was strapped down by them. The other black man was a free spirit—not having or wanting an 8-5 job. He did odd jobs now and then but seemed somehow joyful, glorious and resilient in is his freedom. Now my question: which black man would our ante bellum slave master resent most? Which would send him through the roof with rage? To me the answer seems obvious—he would most resent the free-spirited, unencumbered black man—not the city director strapped down with heavy responsibilities. Thus we find today that those with prejudicial perhaps racist leanings can be disproportionately and obsessively irate at the welfare society.

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