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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lost in the Boondocks

Have you ever been lost or had trouble finding your way in the dark? What was your response? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1043).

Wherever I am....I can either feel very much at home and comfortable or, on the contrary, very much not at home and uncomfortable. These uncomfortable situations run the gamut from feeling awkward at a social occasion to being lost in a strange neighborhood as night closes in. Either way I feel desperate “to get home” and look for any outlet, for any hint of a way to return to home and safety. Thus, the essential thing about being lost is a deep feeling of hazard and vulnerability. In its most intense form, emotions take over and seriously hamper clear and measured thinking. The primary antidote to this fear is to be assured in one way or another that I am among friends – people willing to help me return to safety and make me feel comfortable. In a real way, I become very much like a lost child looking for reassurance and the sense of safety it brings. The very fortunate do not require other humans (which can be sometimes fickle) to gain this comfort, but are assured that their heavenly father is always near. Thus an abiding faith which lacks objective concreteness can nevertheless actualize objective peace and presence of mind—I once was lost, but now am found...was blind but now I see.

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