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Friday, January 18, 2013

Are We for Real?

Title: Pioneer Farmer Gathering Hay

Creator: Breton, Carol

If presents are not good substitutes for time and attention spent on our children, what does that say about what we should be giving to the church and charities? Do you know anyone who tries to to buy God off with gifts instead of obedience (no names)? Are you ever tempted to do this? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1068).

I would like to extend this question to include not only our giving to church and charities, but to the application of ourselves in any pursuit whether it be work, school, marriage, or many other activities. The key question is does my giving signal commitment and acceptance and movement towards rather than estrangement and rejection and movement away from? Is it an attempt on my part to accept responsibility and commitment rather than to escape them? Certainly children have an acute radar that can detect our true intentions, and it is profoundly disturbing for them to sense fundamental rejection rather than acceptance. Bottom line, do my parents love me or not? For love characteristically does not begrudge the cost of commitment, whereas coldness is typically resentful and calculating thereby undermining trust and inducing fear and anxiety. Let us in our human associations and contacts be one of those who embrace people and responsibility and one who highly values the integrity of process and fidelity to commitment. In short, may people see that our love is for real.

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