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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Authority Issues

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As a child, did you feel authority figures were there to help and protect you or to spoil your fun? How have your opinions changed? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1043).

The essential thing to remember here is that God is the ultimate authority. What do I mean by this? Let us take the matter of a parent and child. Now the parent is unquestionably an intermediary authority figure. Even so, the Bible tells us that we should not provoke our children. That is, the actions (or inactions) of parental authority do not always receive the support of heaven. Such support is withdrawn when the parents supplant God's will with their own rebellious one. We can see clearly then that authority even when legitimate can be wrong and outside the will of God. Likewise, government as an institution has been given intermediary authority in society. The great temptation in democracies is that government internally abdicate that role and become weak. To establish peace, prosperity, and security; this simply cannot be done. It must be recognized that there can be actions (or inactions) of government that are not divinely supported. 

We can say that the role of all authority is to assist in establishing true happiness – one based on righteousness. This is a tough and demanding assignment. The temptation is always to substitute phony happiness for righteousness happiness. When this happens ineluctably nations decline and finally succumb to the entropic forces of illusion and death. We must humbly confront the truth that disorder and degradation unavoidably result when unauthorized shortcuts to bliss are attempted. They are in essence delusional and escapist and an anathema to God and the laws of ethical physics.

[ Reverse side of Great Seal of the United States - Features ]
  • The pyramid
  • The eye in the triangle above the pyramid
  • The Roman numerals, MDCCLXXVI, appear on the base of the pyramid and translate to 1776, the year of independence.
  • Above the "eye" are the Latin words "Annuit Coeptis." This translates to "He has favored our undertakings." This line is associated with the "Eye of Providence."
  • Below the pyramid are the Latin words "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning "A new order of the ages," referring to the birth of America in 1776.

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