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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Abundance of Nations

Do you view the person at the top of your organization as getting rich off the others down below? Where are you on the that corporate ladder—getting richer or getting poorer?

What priority does the pursuit of wealth and work have in your life? Is this necessary? What are your expecting your life's work will give you in the end?

(Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 936)

My concern is not with the Wealth of Nations but with the Abundance of Nations. Material wealth unless undergirded by spiritual wealth is ephemeral. Equality in the distribution of wealth is not important, but a sense of justice surely is. Despite the strong inertia of the status quo, explanations sooner or later must be tenable both intellectually and emotionally as to why someone has more wealth than another. Human nature is vastly susceptible to greed, envy, and lust. This makes the perception of a state of economic justice hard to come by (by either party) even when justice exists. It is clear that some minimal principles apply. As power must be limited in a well-functioning society, there must also be limitations placed on concentrations of wealth. Power must be limited because of humanity's natural tendencies towards greed, envy, and lust—unrestrained, we can never feel we have enough of it. Since the New Jerusalem will not come until the Lord returns, we must establish legal (rather than purely spiritual) limitations on the accumulation of wealth and power. As over-concentrations of power due to human nature leads to systemic degradation, so does over-concentration of wealth.

As the government of the United States was established with a jaundiced eye towards human nature's ability to handle unwise concentrations of power, it is with the passage of time becoming clearer the physics of human systems does not abide unmetered concentrations of wealth.

A State of Abundance clearly is distinguishable from a State of Wealth. Abundance implies principled limitation—the quite intentional reigning in of greed, envy, and lust. The accumulations implied and incited by a limitless State of Wealth give free reign to all of these.   
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