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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smokescreens All About Us

Recall the three monkeys who “hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil.” What contemporary issues do you wish someone in office would notice and speak against? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1003).

Today I worked to solve a computer issue that arose at a recreation center—Childs Park. Even though this is usually one of my favorite and most comfortable places to work (the staff is great), today I felt severely distressed. It was indicative to me of a major source of disquiet and unease whenever and wherever it arises. Looking back, two things at the outset were missing—knowledge and understanding. Since I was not aware of what the correct IP octets should have been—no clear idea of what should be—I was not able to deduce (understand) the problem. Once I knew what they should be and the additional knowledge of what would cause their absence (a malfunctioning switch) then the situation became readily understandable and the solution clear (installing a new switch). Again, I would like to emphasize the stress and disquiet I felt because of my lack of knowledge and understanding. As typical of such cases, the situation was complicated by additional factors (such as installing a new printer and remote cable connectivity) that served to obscure and confound the issue. I felt the disquiet and distress of trying to maneuver in a smokescreen.

It seems to me that this is where we find ourselves when confronted with high unemployment and the occurrence in the workforce where so many find it difficult to make an adequate living wage. It seems to me that as a nation we do not know enough about how an optimum economic system should look and what are fundamental architectural causes of a malfunctioning economy. Once we have this knowledge, then the understanding of how to fix it will lead to solutions that no doubt will be costly but readily doable. It is my view that we must get a better grip on the limits of a more or less pure form of capitalism and its inability to distribute earnings in line with the broad sources of wealth. The task will be immensely complicated by a bewildering array of red herrings that arise not out of malicious intent but because of sincerely held ideology. An awesome smokescreen will obscure and befuddle clear and concise thought.

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