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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Freedom's Vista as a Point of View

Do you feel your parents set down “rule on rule”? Or were they lax when it came to rules? Which would you have preferred? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 995).

Most law-abiding folk do not focus on the law or carefully attempt to obey it. In many respects, such folks are the least concerned with law. It matters not one whit to them in terms of their own personal conduct if there is a law against robbery. It would only become an issue in their lives if they were tempted to commit it which they in no way are. Thus, they feel no restriction, restraint, or hindrance. They feel totally free and the law in this sense is irrelevant to how they live their lives for they have been trained into civility.

I know of very few rules my parents set. This is not to say they could not have readily formulated and enforced them. Outstripping all other concerns of my parents was that of my Christian behavior and character. As long as I shared their concern here there were no laws there. Thus, they were many times more concerned with my deportment at school than my scholarship. I was never relegated to my room for study, but I easily could have suffered restriction had I disrespected teachers or students. Since I had no will to do so, I felt remarkably free at home and suffered no sense of imposed regulation.

In this light, not everyone should feel that America is a free country, but only those raised into civility and empathy. It never concerns me that the callous rail about restrictions in America. In fact, it would be very telling about the present tenor of America if they did not.

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