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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn

Do you work best with people, things, or ideas? Give an example. (Serendipity Bible, 10th Anniversary Edition, page 922).

I have come to view a person like a large chunk of mineral held in the hand that has many facets. The facet that one chooses to focus on becomes the defining characteristic at that particular moment. Another way of saying it is that during one's lifetime many snapshots can be taken, both favorable and unfavorable. It tells us more about the viewer than the subject as to which particular snapshot is focused upon. I can't help but think of my great boss when I read the above question from the Serendipity Bible. Mark for me illustrates someone who excels in all three areas – people, things, ideas. Sometimes it's impossible really to spectrum out the elements. His willingness to help someone on a project shows his affinity for people; this initiates his skill with things showing an aptitude in this area, while involvement with things calls forth creativity and thought. So all depends really on whether one is choosing to look at a video with sufficient length or an instantaneous snapshot. I suppose that actually when we complement someone on excelling in any one aspect – such as being a “people person” or and “idea person” we are really saying that we most admire this aspect about them. In some ways our perception of them as a specialist in one area is tantamount to criticizing their lack in other areas. Thus, calling someone a “people person” is veiled criticism of the them while being revelatory of our own prejudices about them.

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