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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fierce Kindness

I have witnessed fierce kindness
In the adamant love of my father
In the abiding love of my mother
In the resolute love of my brother
In the reliable love of my relations
And my extended family
No matter what!!!

Some may call it unconditional love
For me it's fierce kindness—
I have seen it traverse space and time
As if the effort required didn't matter
As if costs were not in the calculation
As if faithfulness had the tensile strength of titanium.

And now Kathy is my forever love
Who sums up all I have ever known about love
In its simple sweetness
In its ability to make burdens light
In its mystic obviation of time and space
In its unfathomable depths of loyalty
And its limitless measures of light.

Once again I am amazed
By the plain and simple fact of fierce kindness
Gifted to me in generous love.

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