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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wanted: the Craft of Humble Power

What frequent complaint do you have with government agencies, corporations, or other authorities? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, p.80)

I think authority shares a common human weakness—the tendency to view strength as deriving from human rather than divine origin.  Another way of putting this is to say there is a human tendency not unknown to the Caesars of considering oneself a god rather than worshiping the Almighty.  Fast to follow on this tendency is the development of a peculiar blindness that sees oneself as more righteous and more worthy than others.  There is a resultant tendency to think “my shit don’t stink.”  This is so common that the following phrase has become trite but too often true—the arrogance of power.  This originates in the heady exercise of power itself—of seeing other people compliantly bending to your will and habitually deferring to you.  This constitutes a tonic that easily can lead to overindulgence and addiction.   Those who avoid this hazard do so usually by submitting to divine authority in their personal lives.  They adamantly refuse to equate themselves with God and retain a durable sense of equality with all humanity.  In the end, it is a self-serving sense of inequality that drives the blindness and arrogance of power.  The feeling of detachment from the riffraff is a sure sign that power addiction is underway and that one’s excrement not only stinks but ascends to the highest heavens. 

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