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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feasts of Heaven

When in your life were you helped to feel “I am somebody special”?  What one “fancy meal” stands out in your memory?  Why that one? Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, p.117 and p.120.

Without singling me our or giving me special attention, Allan J. Burry, my undergraduate college chaplain, had the capacity to invest students with a feeling that each had a unique mission to fill.  I would love to have a chat with him today (he is in fact deceased) and discuss with him how my life has unfolded.  I suppose I would want his evaluation and, I must admit, approval of how I have met spiritual challenges in life.  I wonder if he would say that I have grown, I have matured, but I’m still in many ways the same old Wayne.  I wonder if he would say “I am proud of you…. You have exceeded my expectations.”  I hope he could say “I have watched you from heaven’s gate, you’ve maintained the right priorities, you’ve grown and blessed where you’ve been planted.”  I know without question in the life eternal he is one person I long to meet.  Once, a group of USF undergraduate students met with school officials for a weekend conference at a Saint Petersburg Beach resort.  There was a fancy restaurant at the resort and being intimidated by the swankiness of the place, I order without question from the menu placed before me.  I ordered escargot.  It took some doing to feign a lack of surprise when a roasted plate of snails was placed before me.

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