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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sufficient Proof

When during your growing-up years, did you get in big trouble with your parents?  (Serendipity Bible, 10th Anniversary Edition, p.55)

I got in big trouble with my parents only once, and that was when I was six years old (the year, 1950).  We had recently moved from New Port Richey to Oviedo, Florida.  At the time, we were living in an old frame two-story home (soon to be replaced by a new one).  On the surface, I was just playing a game of hide-and-seek, but perhaps what I really wanted to know was how much I would be missed if I just disappeared.  Without my parents knowledge, I hid behind the couch in the living room. Soon my parents missed me and began to call my name both inside and outside the house.  I could tell from their voices that they were seriously worried and what I was doing was a much bigger deal than I had anticipated.  After a while, I emerged from hiding.  My parents, especially my mother, told me in no uncertain terms never to do that again.  I was sorry that I had frightened them, but pleased to know I would be missed if something bad happened to me.  I can think of nothing in my growing up years that remotely compared to this in terms of a somber and weighty reprimand.  If I needed to know I was loved, I now had memorable proof—enough to last the passage of time.

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