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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Strength to say No or Maybe Yes

When I have felt passed over in life I often attribute it to a perception on the part of others that I don’t have the strength or capacity to say “No”.  For this reason, they don’t feel they can trust me to stand up under pressure.  They are correct in one sense for sure, I often feel that others are certainly equal if not more equal or worthy than me—and this applies to everyone regardless of rank or station in life.  From this point of view, saying “No” presents a greater challenge than saying “Yes” which presents itself as a natural inclination.  At times I have noticed in others an opposite inclination—one based upon a perception of inherent superior self-esteem and judgment.  From my point of view, this attitude can go far and be very effective since one never has to trouble themselves with self-doubt; but this approach has within it the potential of self-destruction.  The assumption that I am always right or a least wrong only in rare exceptional cases runs the risk of winning every battle but losing the war—of discounting the value of others input to the extent of attaining a closed mind.  Because of this efficiency, alpha males and females have the potential for stunning achievement at the expense stunning insensitivity.  This is a price for success I remain unwilling to pay.

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